About us

About us

Mega Play Official India is a Pure Indian Swadeshi App which provides Platform to everyone for sharing their Short Videos and get famous easily. Mega Play Official India has already made a name in the Short Video industry wherein many creators & normal users have already started uploading Short Videos and getting good Views on their Videos. Mega Play Official India promotes every person from India who has a talent no matter in which field. Mega Play Official India has an aim to provide the best Platform for everyone to showcase their unique quality.

The best part of Mega Play Official India is that people from all across India may from Rural or Urban areas have been treated equally. Our Short Video content by all users is very innovative & enjoyable. So your wait is over as Megplay App would provide you with the best experience to upload & view all your short videos. Mega Play allows all Indian languages may be it is South Indian language Short Videos, Punjabi language Short Videos, Marathi language Short Videos, Bengali, Gujrati, Hariyanvi, Assami, North East language Short Videos etc.

Mega Play Official India is bound to provide the best content every time. Mega Play Official India monitors & verifies almost each & every video uploaded on the app so that our users get the best experience while using the app. Mega Play Official India Mobile App provides smooth scrolling of the app for our all users. All users will definitely feel refreshed after watching the best videos from our all Creators. Meg Play App always supports users by promoting the best creators of Short videos by verifying them & giving Blue Tick so that they stand out as a chance to showcase their talent to the whole world.

Mega Play Official India team always strives to update their users' experiences to give their best always. Our team is already in process to develop many more features like Slow-Mo, Beauty Filters, Extremely fast videos editing & add more new Trending songs & Dialogues.

Mega Play Official India does not differentiate anyone may be they are normal users or Creators. Anyone can become our Video Creators and show their talent to the whole world. Mega Play Official India app automatically analyses the best Trending Short videos & make it viral so that the users get more views & their content reaches maximum people. So don't wait now, just upload & see Short videos & get famous in the whole world.

Mega Play Features

  • Like Videos
  • Comment videos
  • Follow user
  • See Profile of All your followers
  • Profiling with their personal data.
  • Interact with their star by chat.
  • Block user
  • Add Video with lots of Music
  • Upload video with lots of filter
  • Search sound, Friends, People, Videos
  • Hashtag #
  • Notifications.
Mega play

Main Feature

Watch Videos from Every Segment with Verified content.

Upload Videos with their talent.